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Review: Eyenine’s New Album “Afraid to Dream” (Releasing Oct. 7th)

 Afraid to Dream is an album Eyenine has been working on since 2004. Seven years spent working on an album had me skeptical; I was thinking it would sound overdone, irrelevant. After spending a few days listening and assessing, I think he nailed it. That time spent wasn’t necessarily all rooted in obsessive scrutiny…

Photo by Joe Giusti

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Interview with Skerik of The Dead Kenny G’s

After my interview with Skerik, I rushed right home and put on Bewildered Herd, the first, and currently only, Dead Kenny G’s album. The Dead Kenny G’s are Skerik (tenor sax and keyboard), Mike Dillon (percussion and Vibraphone), and Brad Houser (bass and baritone sax). With Skerik’s words echoing around my skull, the music seemed transformed from just ordinary awesomeness to an album not truly heard before. It seemed much more revolutionary; full of punk intellectuality, vibrance, and even good old fashioned fun. These guys aren’t just doing something different, they’re doing it well. They utilize music’s traditional role of activism, communication, and solidarity, but translate it into a radical, post-post modern sound. Their new album, Operation Long Leash (wait until you hear the story behind the name!), comes out March 15, 2011 and is set to be an even more mind blowing, substance-oozing experience. More on that below, but first, some basics: