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Preview: Great Bay Music Festival in Dover, NH! Aug 18-21

Great Bay Music FestivalĀ  is THE festival in NH that you should be attending. They are bringing a killer line up to a beautiful venue, while raising money for a great cause. Festivals like this in NH are rare!

Great Bay Music festival is actually a fundraiser to raise money for the nonprofit Great Bay Wilderness and Music Camp to be held on the farm in the future. They would like to start this camp to teach people about music, very important environmental issues, hiking, low impact camping, conservation, kayaking, climbing and more. We support this!!

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The Bella Terra Interviews: Thoughts on the Festival Phenomenon

The Way Live Should Be had the opportunity to interview a few bands and get their feedback on the festival phenomenon and their upcoming Bella Terra festival performances. The bands that spoke with us include Start Making Sense, Dopapod, and Sophistafunk; they had some really interesting insight into their music and what we can expect at Bella Terra this year!

We were lucky enough to speak with Jonathan Braun, lead singer and guitarist of the Talking Heads cover band Start Making Sense. Being HUGE fans of the Talking Heads, we had some pretty specific questions for Jon;

WLSB: What led you to start a Talking Heads cover band? How did it all come to be?

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Dopapod in Portland at Empire Dine & Dance Thursday 7/14!

Dopapod is coming back to Portland for the 2nd time ever to play a show at the Empire Dine and Dance on Thursday July 14th!
Coming out of Brooklyn, NY, Dopapod is Eli Winderman on keys, Rob Compa on guitar, Chuck Jones on bass, and Neal Evans on drums. Their music has many different aspects to it, attracting a wide variety of fans. And with influences ranging from Primus, Gwar, Lettuce, and Phish..they seemed to have carefully constructed a tasty musical goulash! Music nerds, untz fans, funky dancin’ fans, jam band fans…they can all find somethin’ to dig about these guys.
We got some words from guitarist Rob Compa about the band and their first experience in Portland. The first time they played in Portland was a coupleĀ  of months ago at The Big Easy: