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A Love Letter to Bear Creek Music and Arts Festival

Bear Creek isn’t just a typical music festival. It’s a phenomenon. Meaning Bear Creek is;

  1. something known through the senses rather than by thought or intuition
  2. a temporal or spatiotemporal object of sensory experience
  3. a rare or significant fact or event

Bear Creek Music and Arts festival is all of these and so much more. So much has been said about this event already, that all that is left for me to offer is my direct personal account of my Bear Creek festival experience. Here goes.

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Rap Night 10/26 with Spose & Sly Chi, Educated Advocates, and In The Attic

Last Wednesday’s Rap Night was epic on many levels! There was great support for the scene and mutual respect for artists and everyone involved.

In The Attic really set the vibe, gettin’ the crowd going with a seamless delivery. It was pretty impressive how spot on they were, especially because one of their members (O*Zee) actually wasn’t able to make it. Apparently some work best under pressure. Lady Essence and Shane Reis came together and shared some songs off their upcoming mixtape! So, if you weren’t there, then you missed it….know what I’m sayin?

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Grant Street Orchestra’s Debut Album “Passionately Late” CD Release Party Oct. 14th at The Big Easy!

Grant Street Orchestra, a funk infused hip-hop group straight out of Portland, ME, have their first album “Passionately Late” coming out Friday October 14th! After spending many hours working on this album, Passionately Late shaped up into a great CD with with some great reminiscent style tunes and lots of feel-good funk to dance to.

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Review: Eyenine’s New Album “Afraid to Dream” (Releasing Oct. 7th)

 Afraid to Dream is an album Eyenine has been working on since 2004. Seven years spent working on an album had me skeptical; I was thinking it would sound overdone, irrelevant. After spending a few days listening and assessing, I think he nailed it. That time spent wasn’t necessarily all rooted in obsessive scrutiny…

Photo by Joe Giusti

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Heads in Harmony; A Maine Vocals Festival

This year was The Way Live Should Be’s second year attending a Maine Vocals festival in Harmony, ME.

Maine Vocals is a great Maine activist group fighting for Marijuana Legalization; they have a long history in this state of peaceful advocacy and resistance. The Heads in Harmony festival this past weekend has abundant evidence of their continuing effort for improved marijuana laws. From Captain Joint, to the plants on stage, people everywhere at at the festival were blatantly standing up for their rights. Marijuana prohibition is ridiculous, unjust, profoundly unconstitutional and this festival is one way Maine activists can join together and be proud of their values and make a stand against failing laws. Read more of this post

Preview: Bear Creek Music Festival in Live Oak, FL Nov. 10-13

After attending Bear Creek for the first time last year, we’ve decided this is our absolute favorite festival. It’s held within a beautiful venue and seems to have been built on a foundation of love! Utilizing a more grassroots style of organization, there is a strong sense of family among the coordinators, artists, and fans…having picked up on that vibe, we’re really looking forward to getting back to The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL for Bear Creek this year, November 10th-13th!

Poster designed by Stanley Mouse!

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Rap Night! Every Wednesday at The Big Easy

Rap Night has welcomed me with open arms, so I’m feelin’ the need to extend an invitation out to ya’ll. It seems as though I’ve stumbled upon some of the hardest working kids on the scene, delivering intellectual content over beats to kill.

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Highlights and First Impressions from the 2011 Bella Terra Music and Arts festival!!

Following are some of our favorite moments from the Bella Terra festival. Later this week a full review of the festival, hopefully with some words from Jeff (the main man behind Bella Terra), will be coming at you with the reasons why YOU should plan on going to Bella Terra next year.

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Taking A Look At Portland’s Music Community With Lauren Wayne

Lauren Wayne, a Portland local, has been working in the music industry for almost a decade. She is now the General Manager, Talent Buyer, and Marketing Director for our beloved State Theatre and a part of the team that is running the Portland Music Foundation. We were lucky enough to get to chat with her for a bit about The State Theatre, the Portland Music Foundation, and the music community in Portland in general.

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A Rant: The Music Industry & Portland’s Music Community ft. 57 Mediocre Cover Bands, 48 Indie Bands, 12 MCs, and 9 Metal Bands

I love Portland, and the fact that on any night of the week there are multiple opportunities to see music. I don’t want to knock this. There’s an incredible amount of people playing music in this city, and we are lucky to have the city of Portland generally support this! But with so much changing within the music industry, the expanding scene in Portland, and numerous forms of output, I think it’s important that everyone in the community be on the same page. From what I’ve observed, I feel some things need to shift to keep the scene going in the right direction.

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