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Rap Night 10/26 with Spose & Sly Chi, Educated Advocates, and In The Attic

Last Wednesday’s Rap Night was epic on many levels! There was great support for the scene and mutual respect for artists and everyone involved.

In The Attic really set the vibe, gettin’ the crowd going with a seamless delivery. It was pretty impressive how spot on they were, especially because one of their members (O*Zee) actually wasn’t able to make it. Apparently some work best under pressure. Lady Essence and Shane Reis came together and shared some songs off their upcoming mixtape! So, if you weren’t there, then you missed it….know what I’m sayin?

Educated Advocates put on a great show. I’ve caught these guys a few times now and always enjoyed the banter and energy they bring to the stage. They brought some Halloween masks to get appropriately spooky. If you don’t know about EA…then you’re not paying attention. Regardless, if you don’t know about EA, walk into The Big Easy and see these 3 cats up on stage wearing some weird ass masks and rappin’ about dictionaries…it might leave some feeling intimidated, turned off, or they might just be too drunk to comprehend. I’m into it, but I felt the crowd was weird vibin’ for a bit. I think these guys need to get louder. If you get weird with confidence and style (and maybe some tasteful yelling), the audience finds it hard to deny.

I really enjoy what Spose brings to the table. I also really enjoy what Sly Chi cooks up. Now, I’ve seen both acts separately previous to this show, and it just wasn’t coming together on stage for me. I could talk about the atmosphere, venue, sound system, audience, etc etc…but really, I feel like they were lacking each other. I haven’t lost faith in each of their abilities to perform as two separate forces, but ohhh it just feels so right when it all comes together! Sorry, but it’s kind of like Jim and Pam. Not in a way that makes you want to puke, but in a way that you’re almost frustrated they didn’t get together sooner. (If you don’t watch The Office…#reference fail/#googleshit/is the pound sign even appropriate here?).

Spose doesn’t hesitate to step aside so we can all get down while Sly Chi does their thing! And Sly Chi provides solid rhythm and grooves when Spose does his thing. It creates a mutual respect on stage that is almost tangible. I really dig seeing that sort of thing among so many great local artists.

Continuing to extend his support to the local scene, Spose invited a few other local MCs to join him on the stage. We’re stoked someone got this on video. Sly Chi jams out for the first 4 and a half minutes, then we got Cam Groves, Spose, eyenine, Ill By Instinct, and JJ King. Banter, wit, grooves, solidarity, and fun…Count me in. I’m also proud that Portland seemed to finally get the soul clap down towards the end of this video. We were struggling for a bit.

Because Rap Night has succeeded in showing me that great music communities still exist, and because I was so excited for this night specifically, I obviously had to carve a Rap-o-lantern.

This upcoming Wednesday’s Rap Night (11/2) is bringin’ in Kristina Kentigian, Flowpez, Lady Essence, and Juba.

Also, Grant Street Orchestra will be providing the beats for open mic! To the one’s that say they aren’t attending a Rap Night until there’s a full band playing (last week…), it’s time to shut your pretty little mouth holes and show us your beautiful faces. GSO gets down, so come get down with us!

PS- Ladies get in FREE all night! Woot!


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