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Grant Street Orchestra’s Debut Album “Passionately Late” CD Release Party Oct. 14th at The Big Easy!

Grant Street Orchestra, a funk infused hip-hop group straight out of Portland, ME, have their first album “Passionately Late” coming out Friday October 14th! After spending many hours working on this album, Passionately Late shaped up into a great CD with with some great reminiscent style tunes and lots of feel-good funk to dance to.

In the summer of ’08, GSO started out in Portland as a couple of guys playing open mic nights at places like The Dogfish. Over the next year they built a team of seven musicians with varying styles, working together to create their own sound. The finished product now consists of 2 MC’s (Jared Burst and Jeff Griecci ), Andy Barbo on guitar, Geoff Zimmerman on guitar and trumpet, Peter Eberhardt on bass, Charlie Sichterman on drums, and Henry Redman on tenor saxophone.

Passionately Late has a lot to offer, varying from chill jazzy sax lines, heavier distorted breakdowns complimented by tasteful yelling sessions (Check out track 9, Boris Karloff),  and soaring crescendos apace with the rhymes of the 2 MC’s.  The band is tight, while still giving off a jammy vibe (but not ‘jammy’ like a 15 minute outer space session..).  They don’t hold back, starting the CD off with their song Joaquin Phoenix. This track is available for free download on their website Here! They capture some great energy on this CD, but their live show still holds their real vibe (which is what got our attention in the first place!). The whole album was recorded in Maine, working with Jim Begley at The Studio, Eric Bettencourt at Shadowshine Productions, and Acadia Studios.

Interested in learning more about these guys, we convinced ’em to put aside some time and talk a little about the new release and who they are as a group. With two MC’s, we couldn’t help but ask about the potential ego trippin’. “There aren’t really any egos in this band. It hasn’t ever been like ‘the 2 MC’s and their back-up band.’ It’s definitely a group collaboration. If one of the 7 of us wasn’t a part of this…it wouldn’t be GSO.”
These guys don’t hesitate to step aside and let the band do their thing…Both live and on the CD.
“With each song that we work on I feel like we try to do something a little bit different that may incorporate a focus on the different artists in the band. Some songs we want to be more horns based, some songs we want to be more straight rhythm based…etc. We try to give each instrument their song or few songs each to shine on or really have fun with.”

The album will be available on October 14th. You can get it on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Bullmoose, or down at The Big Easy at the CD Release Party!

Within their first year as a band they were nominated for Best Live Act by the We Push Buttons awards put on by Milled Pavement Records, and in the summer of 2011 they were voted Portland’s Best R&B/Soul/Blues Act for The Phoenix’s “Best Of”…Don’t miss this show!
Show up early or get tickets at any Bullmoose Music location. The new album will be available for the exclusive price of $5 at this show!

Photo By Joe Giusti

There’s a chance you will catch this kid playing the light bulb….!


Sandbag will be opening the show up. Another great local hip-hop act that we’ve got mad respect for! Two of the the members from the group currently run Rap Night (Every Wednesday night at The Big Easy!). They’re all workin’ hard to provide great music and give tons of  support to the underground scene in Portland and beyond. With each of the four members representing their own styles, as a combined force they’ve created a fresh take on some soulful/funky old school hip-hop. Sandbag’s songs are grounded by habitual beats and elevated by the ideas of a new generation. We’re stoked to see them and GSO back to back.

Model Airplane will be starting the night off!

Please let us know that you’ll be attending: Grant Street Orchestra CD Release Show!
See you there!


3 responses to “Grant Street Orchestra’s Debut Album “Passionately Late” CD Release Party Oct. 14th at The Big Easy!

  1. sarah October 14, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    This is well written review. GSO rocks a live show well, eager to hear the recording.

    ps. Would love to get a review on Right Now (Lady Essence). Ill send you a copy if thats possible. Let me know!

  2. The Way Live Should Be October 14, 2011 at 6:47 pm

    Thank you, and hell yea! I’ll shoot you an email.

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