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Review: Eyenine’s New Album “Afraid to Dream” (Releasing Oct. 7th)

 Afraid to Dream is an album Eyenine has been working on since 2004. Seven years spent working on an album had me skeptical; I was thinking it would sound overdone, irrelevant. After spending a few days listening and assessing, I think he nailed it. That time spent wasn’t necessarily all rooted in obsessive scrutiny…

Photo by Joe Giusti

There was a lot of work put specifically into the balance of this album. Zombies (track 14) was the first song I heard that made me really turn my head and dig on this cat, but I wouldn’t consider this album to have what is generally referred to as a ‘hit.’ The concept of a hit can tend to take away from the intent of the other tracks, and this is a carefully crafted album that needs to be conceived as a whole. The varying intensity of beats and words, the weight of the interludes that portray dreams or nightmares, the order of the tracks, and featured artists Eyedea and Mac Lethal are all aspects that make this album a breath of fresh air from his previous release in 2009, Insomnia Sessions. While already having a distinct and eclectic sound, Eyenine really worked to observe and hone that sound for this album. He was able to capture his vigorous on-stage presence as well, something I see many artists struggle with.

With a mind that’s a double edged sword, the content of this album is not for the feeble minded. Listening to Afraid to Dream for a few days straight left me feeling a bit neurotic. Each listen seems to unfold another concept or perspective. There’s a whole slew of ideas that can be greatly expanded upon, but Eyenine will leave you hangin’, switch gears, and delve into some of the most deviant criticisms of himself. These thoughts turned into music can be a bit frantic. But it’s a good thing. You know that uncomfortable feeling you had after you watched Requiem for a Dream or Black Swan? Afraid to Dream left a similar impression. I gotta give props to an artist that can pull me out of my comfort zone.

Afraid to Dream is being released on Flyrock Records out of Dover, NH.

Afraid to Dream

1. the first line
2. anthem
3. cataract vision (ft. Eyedea)
4. gratitude
5. walking double-standard
6. lack of motivation
7. and to think
8. caught
9. high tide
10. afraid to dream
11. forget the past
12. pass the blame
13. sleep is for the weak (ft. Mac Lethal)
14. zombies
15. when twos become threes

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