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Heads in Harmony; A Maine Vocals Festival

This year was The Way Live Should Be’s second year attending a Maine Vocals festival in Harmony, ME.

Maine Vocals is a great Maine activist group fighting for Marijuana Legalization; they have a long history in this state of peaceful advocacy and resistance. The Heads in Harmony festival this past weekend has abundant evidence of their continuing effort for improved marijuana laws. From Captain Joint, to the plants on stage, people everywhere at at the festival were blatantly standing up for their rights. Marijuana prohibition is ridiculous, unjust, profoundly unconstitutional and this festival is one way Maine activists can join together and be proud of their values and make a stand against failing laws. We attended a festival at this location last year as well, Hempstock, and some aspects of the festivals at this venue have already improved greatly. Attendance was up, the on stage pro-marijuana speakers were generally well spoken, and celebration of the new medical marijuana laws in Maine was evident; although many still consider legalization a high priority. Also, the organizers took advantage of their large secondary field on-site as well by placing a second stage and camping area out there. This gave the festival a larger, more diverse festival feel because it was almost like a second festival was going on deeper in the woods.

The location at Harmony may be remote, but if you haven’t yet, you should check out one their 2 festivals at the site still happening this year. These include Harvest Fest October 6-9 and Harvest Fest II October 21-23.

Our main criticism of Hempstock last year was the music. There were a few gems, but mostly classic rock cover bands filled the line-up. This year showed VAST improvement! There was still the traditional Grateful Dead element, but it was much more authentic as Tom Constanten played and was actually a member of the Dead family at one point; together he and Big Rhythm Wine played a great set. Other artists included Dopapod (check out our interview with Dopapod here), Goosepimp Orchestra, The Breakfast, and even a few high quality orginal bands we had never heard before like The Jauntee and Otis Grove. Our only complaint was a few technical difficulties that ended up setting some of the artists back an hour or so… but last year there were no troubles at all and we suspect this was just a fluke. All in all the music improved about 150% over last year and we enjoyed getting to see this festival grow.

To wrap it all up… Maine Vocal’s festivals in Harmony, ME are definitely worth supporting. They are laid back, a happy and safe environment, and a lot of fun right here in the State of Maine. It’s all about solidarity, freedom, and marijuana activism. As for those of you who are hardcore Harry Brown Farm fans… us too. Just, make sure you fit in one festival at both locations; each has something different to offer and it’s really worth supporting a good cause, good tunes, and good times.

Visit to check out more upcoming festivals in Harmony, or for information regarding medical marijuana in Maine, petitions, etc!

review by Heather Omand


3 responses to “Heads in Harmony; A Maine Vocals Festival

  1. Mikey Greenbeans October 4, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    I think you forgot to mention that Greenbean Productions was responsible for the change at Freedom Field. Go to for official information, news and updates about Heads In Harmony ~ One Mind, One Goal.

  2. Greenbean Productions February 12, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    This year HIH2 “Energy Joins All” will hosted by Greenbean Productions at Last Breath Farm in Norridgewock, ME.
    9/27-12 – 10/1/12

    Thanks to all who made HIH “One Mind, One Goal” so much fun and we can’t wait to see you all at HIH2 “Energy Joins All”!

  3. Michael Green April 4, 2012 at 4:02 pm


    HIH2 “Energy Joins All” will be hosted at Last Breath Farm in beautiful Norridgewock, ME! Last Breath Farm has been family owned and operated for the past 250 years! They are very kind and we are grateful to be having our party on their land!

    This years theme, “Energy Joins All” is inspired by Amber Morgaine’s poetry book. Check out her poetry here: http://​​/

    2012 HIH2 Lineup:



    Tom Constanten & Friends
    (of the Grateful Dead)


    The Brew​TheBrewMusic


    Consider The Source​CTSmusic

    Rustic Overtones​rustic.overtones

    The Alchemystics​alchemystics

    Club D’elf​clubdelf1

    Royal Hammer feat. Ryan Zoidis (LETTUCE & Rustic Overtones)​royalhammer

    Zebbler Encanti Experience​zebblerencantiexperience

    Richard James and The Name Changers​pages/Richard-James/​115720301811902

    Educated Advocates​pages/Educated-Advocates/​155746347778139

    Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket​funkybucket

    Viral Sound​viralsound

    Van Gordon Martin Band​pages/Van-Gordon-Martin/​252650644762477

    Blue Boy Productions​BlueBoyProductions


    Otis Grove​pages/Otis-Grove/​125487145710

    Cosmic Dust Bunnies​cosmicdustbunnies

    The Cyborg Trio​CyborgTrioMusic


    Big Rhythm Wine feat. Tom Constanten (Grateful Dead)​pages/Big-Rhythm-Wine/​6931191844

    Pipeline Riot​Pipelineriotmusic


    The Edd​TheEddMusic


    Digital $torm​digitalstormaudio


    The Golden Prize​pages/The-Golden-Prize/​171761486223120


    The Jauntee​TheJauntee

    Lost Between Sound​lostbetweensoundmusic

    The Romano Project​pages/The-Romano-Project/​142713419090309

    Jammin’ Toast​pages/Jammin-Toast/​245221482912

    The Effective Dose​TheEffectiveDose


    Gorilla Finger Dub Band​pages/​Gorilla-finger-dub-band/​1122


    The Hornitz​thehornitz


    Nights Without Television​NightsWithoutTelevision


    Gnarly Charlie​pages/Gnarly-Charlie/​214145495271288


    The StereoFidelics​thestereofidelics

    Mystery Fyre​MysteryFyre


    Students of The Universe​studentsoftheuniverse


    (Sam Eckstein from Technicolor Lenses)

    27 Prophets​27prophets

    DJ roo

    DJ Les

    HIH2 “Energy Joins All” tickets are HERE: http://​​tickets

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