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Rap Night! Every Wednesday at The Big Easy

Rap Night has welcomed me with open arms, so I’m feelin’ the need to extend an invitation out to ya’ll. It seems as though I’ve stumbled upon some of the hardest working kids on the scene, delivering intellectual content over beats to kill.

I’ve been lookin’ for something respectable that won’t break the bank. I was initially fooled by the free and drunken good times of places like Bull Feeney’s, Amigo’s, Oasis, etc slamming me with nothing but empty calorie cover bands. Fail. I’m an unemployed student trying to catch shows 3-5 times a week, so I can’t really afford to pay 8-10 bucks each night to see most of the shows at places like The Empire and Geno’s. Electronic music is the disco of our generation, but everyone is on too much K to realize it. (If I hear one more DJ ‘d-d-d-d-DROP THE BASS’ I’m gonna d-d-d-d-drop my drink all over someone’s shitty laptop setup.) The clubs are for people who like to bumpngrind, and I lack the proper attire for the indie music scene. So…where does that leave me? Drunkenly wandering into my first Rap Night about a month ago on a Wednesday around midnight.

Hosted by Shupe and Ill By Instinct, both members of the local group Sandbag, the night typically consists of a couple featured artists, mostly local, but also supporting great traveling acts. The last hour or so is for open mic. This is entertainment at it’s finest, ranging from witty banter and ego slams, ranting intellects, and maybe even the guy/girl that isn’t fully aware that they’re at a hip-hop open mic.  Yet it’s still all rooted in love and support for what each MC can bring to the table.
There’s a strong grassroots style and vibe to the night. I feel many almost scoff at me when I recommend Rap Night as something they should really come check out. I’m guessing we’re all still caught up on the typical stereotypes of the genre. Can’t say there aren’t some egos involved in this scene (also can’t say that I’m not in a long term relationship with myself and all the projects I work on…so who am I to talk?). But I’ve seen more creative criticism and support than cocksure ego trippin’. And let’s be real…we’re still in Maine, kids. We all got that middle-class swagger.

Artists we’ve gotten to check out at Rap Night that we recommend you check out too:

Lady Essence
PT Burnem
& eyenine (From Flyrock Records in Dover, NH)
Grant Street Orchestra


Go take a listen and find somethin’ you like. Having grown up in the sticks of New Hampshire, I find it rather interesting that the music I’m relating to and respecting most is hip-hop and rap. The Chronic was totally my jam when I was a young cat, but I can’t quite relate to being “Stranded on Death Row for pumpin’ slugs in motherfuckers,” you know? Although, bitches STILL ain’t shit but hoes and tricks.
Anyway, I hope I’ve provided some perspective for those skeptical about Rap Night. This is an event that’s been going on for over 10 years, it’s up to you to find out why. Hang up ya hang ups and come check out some bona fide entertainment.

“A man must consider what a rich realm he abdicates when he becomes a conformist.” -Emerson

Upcoming Schedule
21+ – 10PM – 3$

Wednesday, September 28th
Josiah Scribes w/ DJ Sys-Op
Jay Caron (from Educated Advocates)
Facebook Event

Wednesday, October 5th
Common Grackle (Gregory Pepper and Factor)
Paranoid Castle
More TBA

Wednesday, October 12th
Fuck Computers 4
All Hardware beat showcase featuring nearly a dozen Maine based producers all playing original beats all night!

Wednesday, October 19th

Wednesday, October 26th
More TBA

Get connected with them on Facebook to see what’s happening weekly:
Hip Hop Night at The Big Easy
or Rap Night


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