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Portland+ Venue List & a Brief Update!

Work is picking up for us…and although we don’t have time for all of it, we are loving everything we are able to do! Our focus in Portland is picking up a lot, and will continue to. We plan to help promote some of the smaller bands within Portland that are up and coming, or having trouble getting themselves out there. As well as bands that are coming to Portland on tour that haven’t established a huge following in the city.

But do not fear, we’re going to continue representin’ and spreading the word for pretty much anything anyone sends us! Or anything that realize needs more buzz in our area. So far, that mainly includes out of state festivals that are lacking promotion through out the state, as well as CD reviews and/or show previews for bands that are lacking connections in the state. We love to help, so email us stuff to do at We usually only ask for a spot on the guest list 😉

Anyway! With that being said, because things are picking up in Portland, we want to make sure our readers are at least relatively informed with what we’re talking about. So here’s a list of venues in Portland and some surrounding areas, and they’re linked to their websites if they have them. That way, when we’re like “So and So is playing at such and such a place!” You can get some more info about the spot. And if you’re a band in the area, we listed any contact info we could find, so start contactin’ and get playin’!


  • 51 Wharf Street

    51 Wharf Street

  • Amigo’s

    9 Dana Street

  • Asylum

    121 Center Street

  • Bayside Bowl

    58 Alder Street


One response to “Portland+ Venue List & a Brief Update!

  1. krista October 4, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    went on asylum site to order sebastian bach tickets, not sure if order went through or what?Sheryl

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