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Dopapod in Portland at Empire Dine & Dance Thursday 7/14!

Dopapod is coming back to Portland for the 2nd time ever to play a show at the Empire Dine and Dance on Thursday July 14th!
Coming out of Brooklyn, NY, Dopapod is Eli Winderman on keys, Rob Compa on guitar, Chuck Jones on bass, and Neal Evans on drums. Their music has many different aspects to it, attracting a wide variety of fans. And with influences ranging from Primus, Gwar, Lettuce, and Phish..they seemed to have carefully constructed a tasty musical goulash! Music nerds, untz fans, funky dancin’ fans, jam band fans…they can all find somethin’ to dig about these guys.
We got some words from guitarist Rob Compa about the band and their first experience in Portland. The first time they played in Portland was a couple  of months ago at The Big Easy:
“The Big Easy show was an awesome time. It was our first time playing in Maine (let alone Portland), so it really meant a lot to us to see some familiar faces there who had trekked up to Maine to see us, as well as some new people who came to check us out for the first time. Any time we play a new market for the first time, we show up with no expectations for how many people will be there, so having anyone one there at all is enough for us to be happy. And as far as the music that night was concerned, we all felt loose and free, so the jams went to some really fun, unusual places. It was great.
         Unfortunately, we came and went pretty quickly that night, so we didn’t have much of an opportunity to check out Portland. Also, it was pouring rain that night, so we didn’t even get a chance to stroll around. Hopefully for this next Portland appearance we’ll be blessed with some decent weather and some free time!

WLSB: It seems like demand has been blowin’ up for you guys! Is the plan to continue to roll with this demand? You guys have been keeping up quite well so far, wasn’t sure if there was any sort of hiatus coming for side projects or possibly another studio album (or rest…sometimes people need that)?

    “We absolutely intend to take advantage of as much of that demand as we can. We do occasionally take a week or two off to rehearse and write some new music, or simply to recharge. And we all have our own side projects that we do when time permits. Our drummer, Neal, has another fantastic group with Dan Africano (bass) and John Brown’s Body member Scott Flynn (trombone) called Elephant Wrecking Ball that he plays with as much as he can. Chuck (bass) plays in a terrific soul group fronted by our good friend Nicky Egan. And Eli (keys) occasionally plays with a great instrumental reggae group in Boston called Dub Apocalypse.
And as far as a new studio album, we actually have it all finished and waiting to get mixed/mastered.”
WLSB: Can you share one of the more formative and/or positive experiences you’ve had as a band since the beginning?
     “That’s a tough one to answer, because this whole thing has been one big positive experience for all of us. But one particular situation that comes to mind is the first time that we ever sold out the Middle East Downstairs with our good friends Goosepimp in our old homebase, Boston. All of us were just ecstatic, and it was just an amazing, moving night for us all of us. In Boston we had progressed over the previous two years from playing tiny rooms with maybe 5 people there, to packed basement house parties, to half full shows at some of the nicer venues in town, and so on. So to finally play to that many people in such a great venue with so much history was an awesome experience. That sort of made us all realize that all the hard work was paying off. It was very reassuring.”
Thanks to Rob Compa! We are excited to check out some of those side projects, and definitely can’t wait for the new studio album!
We missed out on Dopapod’s first show in Portland at The Big Easy, so we’re stoked to see them this time around! The show is at the Empire Dine & Dance, Thursday July 14th. Starts around 9PM and Cyborg trio will be opening! Here’s the facebook event: Dopapod in Portland, ME @ Empire Dine & Dance w/ The Cyborg Trio.

They will also be giving away a free pair of tickets to 2 great festivals in Maine this summer: Camp Creek and Heads in Harmony Festival! These are the next two dates Dopapod has scheduled in Maine, so go get your festival fix!

Download their first live album FREE here! and visit the website for more show dates!


3 responses to “Dopapod in Portland at Empire Dine & Dance Thursday 7/14!

  1. Luke Stratton July 10, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    Do it Rob! Portland and Dopapod = Love!

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