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Earphunk! New CD “Comin’ Up” is out Friday May 27th!

Earphunk’s first cd, “Comin’ Up” is out TODAY!

This album is 9 tracks of funk-filled grooves oozin’ that unbreakable New Orleans style, and will linger in your mind long after it stops playing. The tracks on “Comin’ Up” vary from the solid, reminiscent New Orleans funk, seductive latin-esque jams (Track 9, Aright Tonight), to some down&dirty funk with soaring crescendos (Track 3, Stuck In A Funk-one of our favorites).

Earphunk is comin’ up straight out of New Orleans. The group consists of 5 members: Christian Galle on keys, Mark Hempe on guitar and vocals, Michael Matthews on drums, Paul Provosty on guitar, and Michael Comeaux on bass. They’ve been playing together for a couple years now, performing throughout the South and Midwest.

Here’s what we had to say about these cats when we first saw them:

Each track on the album displays beatific ensembles and some serious musical cohesion. TMF (Track 8.) and Earuption (ft. Khris Royal!)(Track 6) have some horns added in, and this is something we had been wanting to hear more of! It adds a solid backbone to TMF and displays great local talent on Earuption with Khris Royal on alto sax.

I had a chance to chat with Jim Morrison about the CD, and asked him what he thought. While discussing the excellent musicianship demonstrated throughout each song, he claimed that “Earphunk will put spunk in ya junk.” Interested in seeing what more they’d have to offer live, Jim is yet another fan up in the Northeast eagerly awaiting an Earphunk show!
If you get the chance to see these guys live, go! They always put on a damn good show, and seem to create their own vibe with the audience. We can’t wait for them to come up to New England!

Combining their skills, knowledge, and many hours spent, “Comin’ Up” shaped into a great CD with endless feel good funk and lots to offer. The new CD comes out Friday, May 27th and you can get it on iTunes or their website here:

CD release party is at One Eyed Jacks in Earphunk’s hometown, New Orleans!


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