The Way Live Should Be

Your source for show and CD reviews, festival previews, and interviews with your favorite artists playing around New England and beyond!

The Way Live Should Be: A Short Intro

The Way Live Should Be is the brain child of Kim Morrison and Heather Omand; we hope it will become a resource for passionate music lovers everywhere… everywhere, that is, in the Orono area of Maine. It really all began because one band brought three people together; three people passionate about live music. Though one band may have been the catalyst for this project this hopefully begins the saga of a profound meeting of the minds as facillitated by local bands like Restless Groove, Funk Shway, the Hampden Mountain Boys, Hang Time, Suit Mullet and guest bands like Soul Robot and That 1 Guy… we hope you will join us and become part of the profound fusion of awesomeness that has been breaking out on the local scene in Orono, Old Town, and Bangor. Kim and I have attended countless live shows in our lifetime and we like to think it gives us the ability to review local bands, do write ups after shows, and give folks the general whats up in the local music scene. Some of our favorite bands include Phish, Assembly of Dust, The Doors, Talking Heads, Yonder Mountain String Band, Morphine…. it could really go on forever, but we like to think we have pretty diverse tastes. So friends…. join us on this musical journey of friends, good feelings and even better music… please fan our page and spread the word around… we welcome submissions, comments, feedback, and ESPECIALLY clues into local shows and new bands, but we reserve the right to edit everything.

We hope to see you out there…
-The Way Live Should Be


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