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Monthly Archives: July 2011

A Rant: The Music Industry & Portland’s Music Community ft. 57 Mediocre Cover Bands, 48 Indie Bands, 12 MCs, and 9 Metal Bands

I love Portland, and the fact that on any night of the week there are multiple opportunities to see music. I don’t want to knock this. There’s an incredible amount of people playing music in this city, and we are lucky to have the city of Portland generally support this! But with so much changing within the music industry, the expanding scene in Portland, and numerous forms of output, I think it’s important that everyone in the community be on the same page. From what I’ve observed, I feel some things need to shift to keep the scene going in the right direction.

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Preview: Great Bay Music Festival in Dover, NH! Aug 18-21

Great Bay Music Festival  is THE festival in NH that you should be attending. They are bringing a killer line up to a beautiful venue, while raising money for a great cause. Festivals like this in NH are rare!

Great Bay Music festival is actually a fundraiser to raise money for the nonprofit Great Bay Wilderness and Music Camp to be held on the farm in the future. They would like to start this camp to teach people about music, very important environmental issues, hiking, low impact camping, conservation, kayaking, climbing and more. We support this!!

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MartyParty at Port City Music Hall 7/23 THIS SATURDAY!

The party in Portland on Saturday (7/23) will definitely be at Port City Music Hall. MartyParty comin’ our way and he’s bringin’ us his Purple Opera for one intense dance party!

MartyParty’s live “Purple Opera” is a seamless voyage through an original music collection taking the audience on a the roller coaster ride of emotion and dance. Intense bass, huge beats, emotional melodies and cutting edge sound design all come together for a wild trip – unique to every performance. There are no “disks” and he is no “jockey.” Working without headphones using Ableton Live on a laptop, the ability to mix more than two channels creates an entirely new audio experience for the audience. The live set is a show… a high energy dance party!

“It’s all about experimentation and invention – that’s why I make music the way I do. The new tooling in digital music production allows me to sit alone in my room on my iMac with two KRK Rockit monitors and a subwoofer, and produce original music from the first chord, right through to mastering and release on the internet – in one day. This freedom and power make it easy to explore the limits of the audible sound spectrum, including sub bass, poly-melodic harmonics and sound design, with incredible speed, productivity and without complying to any convention. My mission is to change the way people think about electronic music and to bring the art of musical composition back into popular music. My dream is that I inspire others to do the same. We live in a digital world, I’m not interested in emulating anything that has been done before.” – MartyParty

Lost between SounD (Check them out on Facebook or some of their tracks on SoundCloud) will be opening. We’ve seen these guys a few times, and are never disappointed. They originated in the Orono area, and just recently started slingin’ their jams around the Portland area!

Tonas Peaks will be there was well!

DONT MISS THIS! Tickets are only $15!! Hope to see you there 🙂

Get some more info here:

Facebook Event

Port City Music Hall

Get Tickets Here!!


Portland+ Venue List & a Brief Update!

Work is picking up for us…and although we don’t have time for all of it, we are loving everything we are able to do! Our focus in Portland is picking up a lot, and will continue to. We plan to help promote some of the smaller bands within Portland that are up and coming, or having trouble getting themselves out there. As well as bands that are coming to Portland on tour that haven’t established a huge following in the city.

But do not fear, we’re going to continue representin’ and spreading the word for pretty much anything anyone sends us! Or anything that realize needs more buzz in our area. So far, that mainly includes out of state festivals that are lacking promotion through out the state, as well as CD reviews and/or show previews for bands that are lacking connections in the state. We love to help, so email us stuff to do at We usually only ask for a spot on the guest list 😉

Anyway! With that being said, because things are picking up in Portland, we want to make sure our readers are at least relatively informed with what we’re talking about. So here’s a list of venues in Portland and some surrounding areas, and they’re linked to their websites if they have them. That way, when we’re like “So and So is playing at such and such a place!” You can get some more info about the spot. And if you’re a band in the area, we listed any contact info we could find, so start contactin’ and get playin’!


  • 51 Wharf Street

    51 Wharf Street

  • Amigo’s

    9 Dana Street

  • Asylum

    121 Center Street

  • Bayside Bowl

    58 Alder Street

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3rd Annual Bella Terra Festival Preview!


As avid festival goers here at The Way Live Should Be, we know that deciding which festival(s) to attend can be tough. What makes each festival unique? What are the factors that sway fans from one amazing choice to another? These are questions we have to answer often, as we go from one festival to the next, savoring each multi-faceted, musically fabulous experience. This festival preview is for the 3rd Annual Bella Terra Music Festival and it’s going to show what sets this festival apart and why Bella Terra should be on your “Must Go” list.

Factor One: THE LINE UP! How many of my favorite bands will be there? One must also consider the possibility of discovering a gem that you have never heard before. In our opinion, this is where Bella Terra’s well-balanced line-up really shines. With acts like Buckethead, The Mickey Hart Band, BoomBox, Rubblebucket, Zach Deputy, Wes N Worrel (A REAL treat as we see it; Worrell has played with the Talking Heads, Les Claypool, Buckethead, P-Funk, etc!) and the Donna Jean Godchaux Band, Bella Terra has a fair share of well known favorites. Left to our imagination is the possibility of spontaneous collaborations between many of these amazing artists…who knows what could happen! Something we really think is key to every good festival though; some lesser known bands ripe for discovering. Below we have summaries of a few bands that were new to us. We hope you are as excited as we are to see them in person!



Find the full Bella Terra line-up here:


  Thursday, August 18, is sure to kick off the festival with a bang as Zach Deputy, Emancipator, Rubblebucket and Papadosio.

Friday, August 19 will be a night dedicated to the Grateful Dead with performances by three former members of the group. The Mickey Hart Band is headlining the night, preceded by the Donna Jean Godchaux Band and Tom Constanten.

The Saturday, August 20th headliner, Buckethead, is revered as possibly the most infamous, innovative and talented guitarist to ever pick up the instrument. He’s remained anonymous throughout his 25 year career, concealing his true identity with a mask and bucket upon his head at each appearance. Perhaps he is best known for his period as a member of Guns N’ Roses, but Buckethead has collaborated with many other musical legends such as Les Claypool (Primus, Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade) and Bernie Worrell (Talking Heads, Parliament Funkadelic).

Other Artists

There are many bands at Bella Terra that we have never encountered before. Following are synopses of a few of the bands attending Bella Terra; straight from the bands themselves;

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The Bella Terra Interviews: Thoughts on the Festival Phenomenon

The Way Live Should Be had the opportunity to interview a few bands and get their feedback on the festival phenomenon and their upcoming Bella Terra festival performances. The bands that spoke with us include Start Making Sense, Dopapod, and Sophistafunk; they had some really interesting insight into their music and what we can expect at Bella Terra this year!

We were lucky enough to speak with Jonathan Braun, lead singer and guitarist of the Talking Heads cover band Start Making Sense. Being HUGE fans of the Talking Heads, we had some pretty specific questions for Jon;

WLSB: What led you to start a Talking Heads cover band? How did it all come to be?

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Dopapod in Portland at Empire Dine & Dance Thursday 7/14!

Dopapod is coming back to Portland for the 2nd time ever to play a show at the Empire Dine and Dance on Thursday July 14th!
Coming out of Brooklyn, NY, Dopapod is Eli Winderman on keys, Rob Compa on guitar, Chuck Jones on bass, and Neal Evans on drums. Their music has many different aspects to it, attracting a wide variety of fans. And with influences ranging from Primus, Gwar, Lettuce, and Phish..they seemed to have carefully constructed a tasty musical goulash! Music nerds, untz fans, funky dancin’ fans, jam band fans…they can all find somethin’ to dig about these guys.
We got some words from guitarist Rob Compa about the band and their first experience in Portland. The first time they played in Portland was a couple  of months ago at The Big Easy:

Earphunk! New CD “Comin’ Up” is out Friday May 27th!

Earphunk’s first cd, “Comin’ Up” is out TODAY!

This album is 9 tracks of funk-filled grooves oozin’ that unbreakable New Orleans style, and will linger in your mind long after it stops playing. The tracks on “Comin’ Up” vary from the solid, reminiscent New Orleans funk, seductive latin-esque jams (Track 9, Aright Tonight), to some down&dirty funk with soaring crescendos (Track 3, Stuck In A Funk-one of our favorites).

Earphunk is comin’ up straight out of New Orleans. The group consists of 5 members: Christian Galle on keys, Mark Hempe on guitar and vocals, Michael Matthews on drums, Paul Provosty on guitar, and Michael Comeaux on bass. They’ve been playing together for a couple years now, performing throughout the South and Midwest.

Here’s what we had to say about these cats when we first saw them:

Each track on the album displays beatific ensembles and some serious musical cohesion. TMF (Track 8.) and Earuption (ft. Khris Royal!)(Track 6) have some horns added in, and this is something we had been wanting to hear more of! It adds a solid backbone to TMF and displays great local talent on Earuption with Khris Royal on alto sax.

I had a chance to chat with Jim Morrison about the CD, and asked him what he thought. While discussing the excellent musicianship demonstrated throughout each song, he claimed that “Earphunk will put spunk in ya junk.” Interested in seeing what more they’d have to offer live, Jim is yet another fan up in the Northeast eagerly awaiting an Earphunk show!
If you get the chance to see these guys live, go! They always put on a damn good show, and seem to create their own vibe with the audience. We can’t wait for them to come up to New England!

Combining their skills, knowledge, and many hours spent, “Comin’ Up” shaped into a great CD with endless feel good funk and lots to offer. The new CD comes out Friday, May 27th and you can get it on iTunes or their website here:

CD release party is at One Eyed Jacks in Earphunk’s hometown, New Orleans!

The Way Life Should Be Camping and Music Festival! June 3-5, 2010 in Brooks, ME

There have been many attempts to bring the festival aspect of the music industry to Maine, and it’s been shown to be quite difficult. However, on the weekend of June 3rd-5th about 2000 people (2500 max) will be gathering in Brooks, ME for a weekend of music, camping, and other typical festival fun.

Artwork by Isaac Wright

The small to moderate size of the festival, grassroots style of organizing, variety of music in attendance, and the very reasonable ticket prices have set up The Way Life Should Be Festival for great success.

The site is a large open field surrounded by forest, and is called Roaring Acres Farm. Great for camping and dancing! Also…picture thirteen different incredible acts on this stage and without a doubt, we’re ready for a festival:

This mobile stage, from Image Production Services, is 33 feet long and covered! The sound is also being provided from Image Production Services state of the art sound equipment.

There will be some great music performed on this stage throughout the weekend with genres ranging from bluegrass to reggae to dubstep:


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Some Words with Adam Gold of Sophistafunk!



On March 3 of this year the members of The Way Live Should Be (WLSB) went to see Dumpstaphunk at Port City Music Hall in Portland. The show was amazing, but it was the opening band that night that really caught our attention, largely because we had never heard of them before. Their name is Sophistafunk, from Syracuse, NY, and the core members consist of; Jack Brown – vocals, lyrics; Adam Gold – keys, bass, vocals and Emanuel Washington – drums. They describe their sound as, “Combining hip hop & spoken-word with the sounds of live funk, soul, & dance music, the trio SOPHISTAFUNK has invented its own style of cross-genre music”. We would agree! From the seriously talented percussive skills of Washington, to the pick-up-my-Moog and dance around the stage antics of Gold, and the enlightened, brilliant lyrics of Brown… these guys really caught our attention. Imagine our excitement to hear they would be playing The Way Life Should Be Festival (no relation) in Brooks, ME this coming June! A well traveled, really funkin’ fun band from New York, back again? We had to hear what they thought about Maine from their last trip!

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